The essence of the project "Accelerator of youth projects with disabilities"

In fact, the project consists of two main pillars. The first is an IT platform that, due to its adapted functionality, can effectively and on an ongoing basis help people with disabilities select adapted business ideas, learn how successful projects are created and implemented not only in the commercial, but also in the social sphere. The second basis of the project is an educational program, the uniqueness of which is that it not only teaches, but also accompanies the projects of graduates. The purpose of the educational program is new self-employed and entrepreneurs and implemented social projects by young people with health limitations of completely different nosological groups.

The expert community highly appreciated both the educational complex "Accelerator of projects for youth with disabilities", which was registered by the project expert Aleksandr Potapenko, and the concept of the IT platform.

The project plans for the next 6 months to actively attract partners and launch an IT platform.

For cooperation with the project a.potapenko@accelerator-ovz.ru +79532822222 – Aleksandr Potapenko.

©Accelerator of projects for youth with disabilities – limited liability company "Garant".

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