Aleksandr Potapenko - business card

two paths of my life: business and non-profit sphere

Owner of bussines
I have two companies in Russia.
Entrepreneur from 18 years of age.
I earn: educational programs for startups, international transfer of goods and money, investing in crypto projects
Traveler around the world
I visited more than 20 countries and 26 seas, familiar with thousands of people around the world.
Connect: ideas, people, resources
Role in projects: Monetizer
I know how to get money from information and problems.
I am business visionary: background for more than 20 business projects.
Part of society
Member of the Committee of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation.
Member of a worldwide organization: Junior Chamber International.
what inspires me
be helpful to people around me
planning and implementation of new projects
open - mind peoples, business talks and speak publicly
take pictures and video
Our company works according to the principle of individual approach to every client. This method allows us to achieve success at all levels.
travels and getting new experience
be a mentor to aspiring entrepreneurs
business activities
educational programs and business acceleration, business communities
our company implements more than 40 educational programs for entrepreneurs in Russia

commercialization of scientific developments and technologies

our company searches for technologies all over the world. We conduct search, marketing packaging, help with promotion for scientists to receive money for their work
export import of goods and services, international transfer money
our company receiving requests for the look for suppliers of goods and services worldwide. Our company will analyze for your company where you can buy a particular product or service at the best price. We will offer a logistics and legal company for your greater satisfaction. Offer profitable ways to transfer money
information and financial technology, blockchain projects
our company can become a contractor in the development of an Internet site for your project, the development of a software service for business. ERP systems and electronic document management systems, development of applications and games, creation of bots. Our specialists program in languages: Java, С++, HTML, Python.
about results in numbers
years i have my own business
participants in our educational programs
implemented business projects in various fields
non-profit projects implemented
non-profit activities and business communities around the world
The chamber of commerce and industry of the Russian Federation
committee member in
Russian business community
Junior Chamber International (JCI), Russian Chamber
member of the Russian national board in
Worldwide non-profit organization that brings together over a million young leaders and entrepreneurs aged 18 to 40 in more than a hundred countries around the world
Business airs "Delo"
Online - program for entrepreneurs
Accelerator of business projects for young people with disabilities
ideological inspirer in accelerator
Project to support youth with disabilities in creating their own business
Career guidance project for schoolchildren
Founder of schoolbiz
Entrepreneurship Knowledge for Kids
Business stand up
co - creator of business stand up
Entertainment event for entrepreneurs
How can I be of service to you?
"service to humanity is the best work of life"*
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